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Brandskyddslaget is an independent consulting company offering services in fire safety design, risk management and design of sprinkler systems. We strive at being the best at what we do, to keep our promises and to always add great value for our clients.

Brandskyddslaget was founded in 1989 and has about 70 employees at offices in Stockholm, Karlstad, Falun, Gävle, Örebro, Östersund and Malmö. The company is employee-owned since 2003.

Most of the employees hold a BSc in Fire Protection Engineering but in our aim at being the leading knowledge company in our field, we encourage academic endeavours. At present, the company hold two employees with PhDs, three employees with Licentiate of Engineering degrees, five experts (SAK 3) in fire protection and three certified fire sprinkler designers. Some of our employees have experience in working abroad.

Brandskyddslaget has experience and expertise in the area of fire safety. Examples of areas are performance based design, fire safety design of ventilation systems, structural fire safety design and fire resistant glass. This expertise enables us to help our clients in modifying the fire safety systems according to the specific circumstances and to more cost-effective solutions.

Our objective is to be the leading company within our field of expertise.


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Martin Olander
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